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 Pre - Demolition / Pre - Refurbishment Audits


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BREEAM Compliant Pre - Demolition Audits 

Our IEMA Environmental consultants can assist you with achieving BREEAM credits as detailed in WST01. The BREEAM Codes states that “The client shall ensure that a pre-demolition audit of all existing buildings, structures or hard surfaces within the scope of the refurbishment or Fit-Out zone is completed at the concept design stage and identifies, quantities and sets targets on the waste production a result of the refurbishment." The audit must be referenced in the resource plan and include quantification of the key materials where present on the project, applications for reuse and recycling rate predication, re-use targets and landfill diversion rates.

Pre-demolition audits are surveys undertaken on existing buildings and structures prior to demolition or major refurbishment. There aim is to promote resource efficiency and minimise environmental impact by reducing construction waste and diverting waste away from landfill. A pre-demolition audit is a tool for understanding whether existing buildings, structures, and materials can be retained, refurbished, or incorporated into the new development. The audit should be carried our early on (at pre-application stage) and should inform the design.

Key benefit of an audit

A pre-demolition audit will help you maximise the recovery of materials and work to the following waste hierarchy:

  1. Prevention

  2. Preparing for Reuse

  3. Recycling

  4. Other Recovery

  5. Disposal


This will ensure best practice in resource efficiency is adopted by the appointed contractor in order to aid the provision of their waste management plan. 

Good waste management practices on site should be demonstrated by:-

  • Forecasting waste production

  • Documenting Waste Minimisation practices to be employed

  • Recording all waste arisings

  • Reviewing waste management performance by comparing actual arisings against forecasts

  • Documenting satisfaction of Waste Duty of Care (DoC) compliance


Our experienced environmental consultants will work with you and in accordance with the BREEAM code and incorporate the following steps: 

  • Collection and examination of available information from site plans etc 

  • A site survey 

  • Estimation of types, amounts and weights of materials

  • Embodied carbon calculations

  • Assessment of suitability of material for reuse/ recycling/ other waste management methods

  • Recommendations for materials management, recycling and target setting



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