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CHAS Assessments

construction health and safty Essex

Please note:  We are a CHAS Affiliate Company and as a benefit any CHAS application completed by us will enable you a Fast-Tracked Application: All CHAS applications submitted by SR Safety Solutions will be prioritised, ensuring our clients achieve accreditation more swiftly. Use our Unique Reference code: AFF_SR008 at CHAS check out!

Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP)


The SSIP act as an umbrella organisation to facilitate mutual recognition between health and safety pre-qualification schemes wherever it is practicable to do so. They also actively advise and influence clients about acceptable interpretation and appropriateness of health and safety competence standards in UK schemes. 


Need CHAS Assessment? Speak to SR Safety Solutions


Need to get accreditation? Want Buyers to see you are managing Health & Safety? Need to comply with the Construction Design Management Regulations for Core Competence? No time to do it? With SR Safety Solutions acting as your Competent Person will allow you to become accredited.


What is The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme? (CHAS)


The CHAS health and safety assessment scheme is a pre-approval scheme to allow contractors to show potential clients that they meet the required health and safety standards. The main purpose of CHAS is to avoid repeated applications by suppliers and contractors to become approved as a supplier and to improve health and safety in small to medium sized businesses. Whilst the CHAS assessment scheme is a local authority and government backed scheme, it can be used by any organisation looking to short list suppliers and contractors and can save time and money for all parties.


How do I become CHAS approved?


At SR Safety Solutions  we can provide you with the expert knowledge and documentation to complete your CHAS application. We will review your current documents and required evidence attend your premises or sites to make sure the documents are applicable and relevant to the work your are undertaking. We can take the hassle out of the process and complete your CHAS assessment.


Please don’t be fooled by Consultants that guarantee a 100% first time success rate. We have been dealing with CHAS and their assessors for a very long time and we have found that every assessor has their own individual stance of received documentation. SR Safety Solutions will ensure you achieve your accreditation by working with you and ensuring your assessment goes as smoothly as possible. 


CHAS Benefits:


Participating in the CHAS scheme helps both suppliers and buyers.


  • Suppliers show compliance with important parts of health and safety law (the core criteria described in the CDM regulations).

  • On achieving compliance a supplier is approved to work for all of CHAS' buyers.(Some Buyers may require "Accredited" Status)

  • Inconsistencies are reduced where some suppliers may be judged compliant by one buyer but not another.

  • CHAS gives guidance on any weaknesses in a supplier's safety management, including how they can improve.

  • Being a CHAS supplier or buyer saves both time and resources.


CHAS are a founder member of the Safety Schemes In Procurement (SSiP) For more information about SSiP please visit




Assessment for under 5 employees from £450.00 + Vat*


Please contact us for over 5 employees*. The price will be determined by how much documentation and evidence you already have.


*Additional training not included (if required) 

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