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Competent Person Services 

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Under the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations Employers must appoint a sufficient number of competent persons to assist them in compliance with health and safety matters.


These people must have sufficient time and means to carry out these duties. With ever increasing demand for competent safety advice SR Safety Solutions can provide a cost effective consultancy service ensuring your business is meeting it’s legal obligations.






As an employer you are already likely to deal with legally or technically complex matters. You will make careful judgments about financial management. Sometimes you may need to turn to external advisers such as accountants and solicitors for help and occasionally a management or engineering consultant. Consultants who can help you tackle health and safety needs should be seen in a similar light.


No-one wants to suffer injury or ill health, or be responsible for causing it. As an employer you have to comply with the law and there are also sound business reasons for paying thorough attention to workplace health and safety, and for making sure that you have the appropriate expertise.


Talk to us to establish which type of consultancy is best suited to your company. 

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